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The #WearWeShare Tour

Hey There!

Thanks for stopping by Style Lottery’s homepage. Style Lottery is a social enterprise that advocates for sustainable fashion and fashion philanthropy. We have made it my personal mission to inspire people to “restyle, reuse, and reward” through my startup, STYLE LOTTERY.

We are fundraising to be one of the entrepreneurs aboard the Millennial Train this summer. This is an amazing opportunity to take our vision to another level. The Millennial Train Project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be inspired by my fellow entrepreneurs and change agents. Along this journey, we will get access to mentors, community leaders, as well as funding opportunities to help my team and I do more good in even more cities. We’d greatly appreciate you visiting our Indiegogo campaign page. Please share it with your friends and consider donating.


Timi Komo
Style Lottery, Chief Philanthropist

P.s. Want to hear more about what I’ll be doing on the Millennial Train?
Click below to watch the quick clip:


Thanks to Timi and the Students of Sustainability at Syracuse for the donation of mens’ clothes. This will be a great blessing for the recent Jobs for life graduates for their upcoming interviews and graduation ceremony. It’s so much more than just clothes. Thanks again everyone!

Rick St. James