Our Mission



At Style Lottery, our MISSION is to:

  1. Teach women to restyle what they already have in their closets
  2. Challenge women to reuse, recycle, or donate clothing they are no longer wearing
  3. Reward deserving young women from low-income backgrounds and encourage them to follow their dreams


STYLE LOTTERY is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Timi Komonibo in 2013 to advocate for fashion-as- philanthropy and sustainable fashion. We partner with community members and organizations in order to use fashion to uplift people in low-income communities. Our mission is to teach communities to “restyle, reuse, and reward” through fashion. We aim to engage with our local communities through fashion; create connections between fashion and philanthropy; educate about sustainable fashion; and demonstrate an eco-conscious lifestyle.

We have formed key partnerships that will help us further our mission to help people “restyle, reward, and reward” through clothing. Clothes have the ability to empower people. It allows them to make a statement about who they are and what they want to be. Through our fashion philanthropy programs, STYLE LOTTERY provides women with social and professional support that will guide them in reaching their full potential.