Our Story

Have you ever looked in your closet full of clothes and thought to yourself “I have nothing to wear”?

It was this style dilemma that drove Style Lottery’s founder, Timi Komonibo, to start wardrobe-diving in her sisters’ closets. Thankfully, her sisters’ closets offered her the variety she needed for her outfits. Many of Timi’s friends lamented the fact that they didn’t have an extra closet to shop in.

Timi wanted to share a unique shopping experience with her friends and soon began organizing clothes swaps with the same open-closet policy she had with her sisters. She always considered her swaps to be like a special boutique where her guests would not know what treasures were awaiting them.  At the end of every clothes swap, she always donated the extra items to a local charity.

In the the fall of 2013, Timi wanted to add even more philanthropy to her swaps. Although she knew little about the process, she felt called to start a non-profit organization. After brainstorming with her sisters for the perfect name, Timi decided on the name Style Lottery for her new non-profit. Style Lottery combines Timi’s love of fashion with her desire to uplift young women in the community. Style Lottery, through nominations from community members, selects hardworking young women from low-income communities and surprises them with the gift of a free shopping spree.