Style Lottery’s Pop-Up Closet Setup

Style Lottery is converting a Syracuse University classroom into a a giant walk-in closet for the evening. Setting up for a closet-swap is a great design challenge. We typically have only a couple of hours to transform a classroom with desks and tables into a closet with racks and mirrors.
I’ve always had an obsession with flash mobs and pop-up shops that appear and disappear overnight. At our closet swaps, we have a lot of creative and hard-working volunteers who make our pop-up closet magic trick appear seamless. We have to “build” the closet and tear it down as soon as the event is over. Timing is critical, but my team is up for the task.
Just to give you an idea of what point we’re starting from, the picture above is the before picture of the space we’ll be working in. Imagine this room with about 50 more chairs!
We are grateful for every ounce of sweat and for every hand that makes our events a possibility. We can’t thank the Office of the Chancellor at Syracuse University enough for the grant they gave us to enable us to buy travelers racks (the type that folds flat) and other equipment for our swap! If you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming or any future swaps, please click here.
About the event:
SWAP BACK TO SCHOOL is an event by Fast Forward grant recipient Style Lottery. The event encourages people to restyle, reuse, and reward​ with their clothing. ​Our guests bring at least 5 lightly used articles of clothing, shoes, or accessories to our closet swap event. Their items are then placed on the racks inStyle Lottery​’s giant walk-in closet setup and they can swap freely with one another. Remaining clothing from the swap is set aside to be donated to women in need in the community. In the past, Style Lottery has donated to organizations like The Rescue Mission and the Exodus House from the success of our swaps.
The event is Thursday, September 25th at the Hall of Languages 500 from 5-7pm. 
Facebook event link is here.

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